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Corporate murder mystery events

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Our corporate team building activities encourage the development of analytical and time management skills, communication and improved team working. They provide a great after lunch refresher or a break from PowerPoint.

Not only can they help meet your objectives for a team away day, murder mysteries also provide a great opportunity to energise your team and have fun whilst enhancing their capabilities. It provides the ideal atmosphere to uncover strengths and identify training needs in an enthusiastic and focussed setting.

A team building murder mystery can develop your team in the following areas:


Sustaining a supportive team environment takes continued effort and innovation. That’s why our murder mystery activities provide a unique setting for your team to apply themselves and refresh their team working capacity.


As you work through the different activities, discussion and debate naturally ensue. As delegates explain their interpretation of the evidence, it’s a great time to see who are the natural persuaders and influencers in your team.

Problem Solving

Analytical skills will be tested through interpreting clues, solving riddles, and deciphering codes. A cohesive understanding of every aspect of the crime will be necessary in order to correctly identify the perpetrator.


The ability to present clearly in front of a group will be tested. Although this will be more challenging for some than others, this requirement offers a great opportunity for team bonding as everyone is asked to get involved.

Morale Building

Murder mysteries offer the ideal setting for development and enjoyment. Held at the start of your day to break down barriers, or in the afternoon to boost alertness, your team will leave the session feeling confident and energised.

Our team building murder mysteries encourage every delegate to take a full role in the activity. Led by one of our trained facilitators, your team will benefit from taking ownership of each element of activity, from playing the roles to solving the clues. Every opportunity for challenge and development is seized to ensure you receive the utmost benefit from your day.

We offer two kinds of activities for team building.

1. Murder mystery

Incorporating a blend of humour and challenge, our murder mystery team building exercises encourage participation from each member of your team. Each activity requires analytical skill, problem solving and teamwork. Using tasks tailored for the working environment, a murder mystery has the potential to bring out positive attributes in your team that you may never have seen.

2. Verdict

Can you tell a guilty person from an innocent one, just by reading the case notes? How would you react if you were told your assessment was wrong? Could you still convince a jury of the facts, or would you try to sway the verdict?

This intense activity challenges teams to decipher information, make decisions, adapt to change and communicate under pressure.

team building murder mystery

Each activity lasts two hours and can take place at your office or another private space.

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“I’ve meaning to get round to drop you a note to say thank you for the team building event you ran for us last year.  The Murder Mystery session came as quite a surprise to many of my team members, and I was amazed at how quickly everyone got stuck in and working together thanks to your engaging facilitation.  It was a really fun afternoon—I’ve never had so much positive feedback after an away day.  Wouldn’t hesitate to do this again with a different team.!”

– Simon Oliver, University of Manchester


“That was an amazing mystery you wrote us for Wetherby, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. I think it was the most raucous I’ve seen everyone in a while. It certainly brought the inner actor out in everyone. The team said it’s been one of our best team activities ever, so thank you so much. Everyone also said that they would happily come to you again for a murder mystery.”

– Lisa M., Napp Pharmaceuticals