Denise’s ‘Clue Done It?’ Hen Party at Schmooze, Liverpool

Here are your roles for the evening:


Denise – You are Miss Harlott! (Red)

Angela – You are Miss Julip! (Mint green)

Lydia – You are Mrs Peahen! (Blue)

Hayley – You are Viscount Silverfox! (Silver)

Steph – You are Mrs Wight! (White)

Jodie – You are Granny Smith! (Bright green)

Kat – You are Colonel Flustered! (Mustard yellow)

Todd – You are Professor Prune! (Purple)

Harrie – You are Baron Beige! (Light brown)

Nadine – You are Captain Coppernob! (Orange)

Kayleigh – You are Madame Blancmange! (Pink)

Claire – You are Duchess Daffodil! (Bright yellow)

Emma – You are Brigadier Bloodthirsty! (Red)

Joanne – You are Admiral Nuggets! (Gold)

Hayley – You are Master Pigeon! (Grey)

Nicky – You are Lady Liquorice! (Black)

Harriet – You are Sir Kumquat! (Orange-yellow)

Anne – You are Ms Drivensnow! (White)

Optional costume ideas: Wear an accessory matching the colour represented by your character. If you have a character of a different gender, feel free to dress as your own gender.