Gin & Sin Murder Mystery Dinner – Malmaison 20/08/16

Here are your roles for the event:

Derin – You are Gloria Voss! You are a high class call girl and a suspect.

Hannah – You are Trixie Lixie! A petty criminal and girlfriend of Dickie Dastard. You are a suspect.

Beth – You are Dickie DastardYou‘re a petty criminal and wannabe gangster. You are a suspect.

Kevin – You are Willie Wanton! You love the ladies… and your mother. You are a suspect.

Becky – You are Charlie Gunson! The most feared and flashy gangster in town. You are a suspect.

Paula – You are Eugene Beluga! You are a jazz musician at notorious speakeasy, The Lodge. You are a suspect.

Karolina – You are Rita RosebudYou‘re an over-worked dancer at The Lodge. You are a suspect.

Jenny – You are Mildred MossYou are the undercover leader of the Temperance Movement. You are a suspect.

Jemma – You are Flora Grace! A young debutante looking for fun. You will appear in a short scripted scene.

Lucy – You are Dorris Deville! An aspiring actress. You will appear in a short scripted scene.


Optional dress suggestions: 1920s glam. Feel free to interpret your character’s costume as you see fit, and wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you have a character of the opposite gender, you are more than welcome to dress as your own gender.