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Upcoming venue – Cirque

Murder mystery night at Cirque

Everyone loves a good show, don’t they? After all, that’s what Manchester Murder Mysteries is all about. Not only do we revel in the almost suspiciously adept performances of our actors (which is you, the audience, by the way – no actors here,  just scandalously willing participants!), but we also take pleasure in ensuring your stage and setting is second to none.

Enter our latest sublime event venue – Cirque. Launched in September 2015, Cirque is steadily establishing itself as an exclusive hideaway and a decadent night spot away from the madding Manchester crowd. This seductive gem of a club is tucked away in what used to be the Hellfire Club, the sort of bar where you’d find Frankenstein having a pint of mild over a nice chat with Freddie Krueger. First of all, the Cirque team stripped away the skeletons, coffins and other macabre paraphernalia, replacing it with velvet curtains, chandeliers, leather furniture, and a suspicious yet enticing looking cage which if you’re naughty – and lucky – you may find yourself locked up. The place screams opulence, boasting a fine drinks menu, sumptuous cuisine and regular live entertainment. Set over three floors, you can find yourself a cozy corner to cuddle up in, or perch facing the main stage and wait for the show.

And a show you shall have! It’s no coincidence that the theme for Manchester Murder Mysteries first event at Cirque is Moulin Rouge. Set in 19th century Paris in the Belle Epoque, you’ll be transported to a world of cabaret, Can-Can and courtesans, as well as bohemian artists who like to flirt with the ‘Green Fairy’.

Remember, at our murder mysteries, YOU are the stars of the show! We don’t use actors, meaning each of our guests plays a small role on the night.

Not only do you get to spend the evening in fine surroundings with amongst wonderful creatures, you can enjoy a fish supper! Just don’t wipe your greasy fingers on my feather boa.

We’re excited to be working with Cirque. Our first event, ‘Murder at the Moulin Rouge’ is at 7:30pm on Saturday 9th April. Tickets are as always available from the Manchester Murder Mysteries website. We hope to see you there!