‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ – Bev and Gabby’s Hen Party!

Here are your roles for the evening!

Optional costume suggestions: 1950s prom! Think swishy skirts and cat-eye glasses, or leather jackets and shades. If you have a character of a different gender, you are welcome to dress as your own gender.

Bev – You are Virginia Hancock! You are the Prom Queen. You are a suspect.

Gabby – You are Danny Delucci! You are the Prom King. You are a suspect.

Kathryn – You are Chip O’Lata! You are a 50s greaser who thinks he’s super cool. You are a suspect.

Donna – You are Fanny Forsythe! You are a boy-mad, sassy girl who knows what’s what. You are a suspect.

Aimee – You are Bobby-Ray Raymond! You’re slightly nerdy and work on the school paper. You are a suspect.

Lisa – You are Betty Wiggles! You strive for perfection and are a wannabe queen bee. You are a suspect.

Emma – You are Cee-Cee Poodle-Jones! You are an effortlessly cool 50s fashionista. You are a suspect.

Natalie – You are Randy Jenkins! You love your girlfriend but find temptation everywhere. You are a suspect.

Wizzy – You are Linda Love! You’re a dreamer who longs for a Hollywood-style romance. You are a suspect.

Gemma – You are Dick Malarkey! You’re a cool cat and a real player. You are a suspect.

Marcella – You are Joe Schmoe! You are the epitome of high school nerd. You fear the football players and envy the cool cats. You are a suspect.

Sarah – You are Jimmy ‘Jukebox’ Jones! Your life revolves around rock ‘n’ roll. You are a suspect.

Liz – You are Peggy-Sue Perkins! You’re a typical high school cheerleader in love with the quarterback. You are a suspect.

Janice – You are Carol ‘Cadillac’ Cunningham! You are tomboyish and gorgeous, and you love cars. You are a suspect.

Angela – You are Patty Petticoat! You are super stylish and act older than you are. You are a suspect.