Great British Gatsby - 1920s murder mystery

The Great British Gatsby – 1920s murder mystery evening


11th August 2018, 7.30pm

The Palace Theatre (The Oxford Street Bistro)

Manchester Murder Mysteries is delighted to bring a sparkling 1920s murder mystery event to a fantastic Manchester venue for Summer 2018.

Join us at The Palace Theatre for a downright, inexcusable and unashamed night of 1920s fun and debauchery.

The Great British Gatsby’ brings to life some of the most notorious and eccentric characters of 1920s England. Attention-seeking, glamorous and rebellious, you are the original party animals – and one of you is dead. If you’re looking for the ideal summer party or an excuse for a great night out, join us for The Great British Gatsby.

Guests will enjoy a welcome drink and two course dinner courtesy of The Palace Theatre (The Oxford Street Bistro) to accompany the debaucheries and dastardly events happening around them.

We believe the value and most enjoyable element of our murder mysteries comes from the fact that everyone has a small role to play in the dastardly tale. Each of you will be given a character, whether that is a suspect, witness, spy, detective or team leader.

During the event you’ll have fun playing games, hearing from suspects and listening to witnesses to find out who the criminal among you is.

Each of our murder mysteries is written with a strong dose of humour so our guests can let their hair down and enjoy themselves whilst getting stuck into some detective work.

Join the Bright Young Things for an unforgettable 1920s murder mystery summer spectacle. It will have you rolling in the aisles, tipsy as a toadstool and, with any luck, solving the crime of the century!

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