Downturn Abbey: Decadence and Death in Edwardian England

Fancy being Lord or Lady of the Abbey for a night?

Our fun and fiendish take on the wonderful television series will see you plunged into the decadent Edwardian period with the Brawley family.

Bobert Brawley is the new Earl of Chetham and boy has he made some changes. Someone clearly isn’t happy with the upturn at Downturn Abbey – because one of the party has been murdered.

The great thing about our murder mysteries is that YOU are the star of the show! Each guest will have a small role to play in this fabulous tale, whilst you work in teams to gather information, decipher the clues and uncover the criminal!

Our murder mystery hosts will be there at your event to guide you through every step of this humourous tale, so you’ll get all the assistance you need.

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