Event management: What to do when you’ve no venue!

Problem: You’ve arranged an event and your venue has cancelled your booking.

Reaction: Oh crikey.

Action: Find that last remaining room in the city at any cost.

Lesson: Never give up, work with the best venues.


There are few things in event management that make your stomach fizz like a bath bomb than a venue cancelling on you. You’ve arranged a public murder mystery, sold tickets and sent out event details to excited customers, who are bringing birthday parties, hen parties and friends from out of town. But now you have no venue for it to take place in.


I think the phrase we’re looking for is ‘Oh crap.’

At MMM, as well as creating intriguing, bizarre and hilarious murder mystery scripts, we liaise with the most unique restaurants, bars and tearooms to source tip-top venues for our murder mystery parties. In the words of RuPaul, we look for uniqueness, nerve and talent at our venues.

But, disaster can strike hard and fast. Time to take action.


We’ve got three days to find a new venue in a major city where the best rooms get booked up months in advance. Out comes the head strap as you attach your mobile phone to your head and dive into dozens of phone numbers to find that one free space in town. There must be one somewhere, right?

You’ve gone deaf in one ear, the right side of your face is numb and your hand has turned into a claw. But hope’s favourite place to make an appearance is on the cusp of despair. Hello Annies!


Annie’s is a tearoom and restaurant in the heart of Manchester (owned by Jennie McAlpine of Coronation Street fame). They provide great dining experiences as well afternoon tea, and they offered us their private dining room without a qualm. Having tried to catch Annies’ eye for a while, this was a great opportunity to work together whilst saving our skins!

Appreciating that some of our ticket holders might not appreciate the venue change, we put the phone to the other ear and called our customers to explain the new plan. It can be difficult to turn someone’s head when their heart is already set on something. However after explaining that we’d negotiated a better deal for ticket holders at the new venue, they all threw themselves into Plan B. Our customers are a great bunch.


As well as using interesting venues to add value, making connections with reputable and reliable providers is essential to safeguarding the customer experience. We now have a great relationship with Annies, a venue we offer to all our new and existing customers.

The night turned out to be fantastic, with all the guests having the time of their lives.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what one of our returning customers had to say about the night:

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Manchester Murder Mysteries ensured that my birthday celebrations were not only enjoyable, but truly memorable. Even with a last minute venue hiccup, the team went above and beyond to host a truly wonderful event which allowed our party to wholly participate in the evening. Their professionalism is undeniable, and as a customer and murder mystery fan, I shall definitely be attending another one of their events.”[/pullquote]


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