Murder Mystery Games – 1920s Gin and Sin

Murder Mystery Game – 1920s Gin and Sin


Prepare for the 1920s party of your life!


1920s murder mystery game

Manchester Murder Mysteries invite you to partake in a little Gin & Sin, our new play at home murder mystery game for 8-21 players. Be the stars of the show and solve the crime!

It’s Prohibition era in America, but the drinks are still flowing, and the jazz is swinging. Get ready to channel your inner detective as you settle in for a night of intrigue, betrayal and murder!

Head out to the speakeasy, where you’ll mingle with some of the most notorious gangsters, flappers and booze-hounds in town. Listen to the suspects plead their case and watch detectives ruthlessly interview the witnesses. Collect the clues, win the games and solve this grisly crime.

Which character will you play? Will it be notorious gangster, Charlie Gunson? Ambitious wannabe, Trixie Lixie? Or one of town’s most flashy pair of socialites, Boo-Boo and Fee-Fee Cassidy?

Let your gracious host, Lulu Belle, lead you and your guests through your party using our unique DVD guide.

murder mystery game

The game includes:

  • Unique DVD host to steer you through the game
  • Character booklets with 21 deadly and hilarious roles to play
  • Instructions to play the game, including suggestions for food and decorations
  • Clues to win and games to enjoy
  • Answer booklets for each team
  • Pens to make notes
This game is for ages 16 and over.