Manchester Murder Mysteries is four years old – but that’s not the half of it

This month at Manchester Murder Mysteries we celebrate four years of providing macabre and hilarious entertainment for hundreds of groups of friends, family and colleagues.

So perhaps it’s a good time to share a little of our history and explain how two friends who met in maths class decided that Pythagoras and complex equations just didn’t float their boat (Mr Eaton, you are forever an inspiration for our murderous methods – I still remember what you did to my coat…).

Let’s skip over school, which we, Hazel and Emma, founders of Manchester Murder Mysteries, agree was more horrible than any murder plot anyone could possibly imagine. Fast forward to our post-graduate study at the University of Manchester, where any second not spent hitting the books was enjoyed at the home of every proud nerd, overachiever and weirdo on campus, The Burlington Society. Being two of the most hyperactive people there, we took up the job of social secretaries and organised some of the best and worst events the society had ever endured (why we thought a school disco would work for the above-mentioned crowd, I’ll never know). We loved the place and everyone in it, many of whom became life-long friends.

Hazel, Manchester Murder Mysteries

One of our more palatable ideas was to hold a murder mystery party, so we bought a pre-packaged box online and eagerly awaited delivery. The somewhat uninspiring box of predictable characters and cheap looking decorations arrived, and after an unusually long silence, comments were made that included language which can’t in good taste be written here, but they were along the lines of “I’m sure we can do better than this.”

The practical skills we possessed through studying linguistics and history undoubtedly lent themselves to writing well-formatted scripts. However, this was nothing in comparison to the bizarre and outlandish nature of our imaginations, shaped over the years by a variety of ridiculous and sometimes ill-fated teenage activities – the details of which we’ll save for our memoires. So along came the first murder mystery, and it was, quite frankly, awful. Unstoppable streams of bizarre consciousness rode roughshod over implausible characters acting out storylines you just wouldn’t believe! Imagine a cocktail of lunatics, moonshine and rubber chickens – lethal, but only if you drink it.

Despite giving our friends and fellow students many evenings of hilarity and chances to dress up, we knew we needed to up our game if this was going to become a business. After several years of testing new formulas, endless redrafting and seeking out unique venues, we had finally honed our craft and made the right connections to the point where people were dying (geddit) to hire us to run murder mystery parties. And so, in summer 2012, Manchester Murder Mysteries was born.

Since then, we’ve created a whole series of fresh and fun murder mysteries for our customers to enjoy, including titles such as Gin & Sin, Malice in Wonderland, Murder on the Dancefloor, Can-Can and Courtesans, Clue Done It? and Better the Devil You Know . Having decided to continue to not use actors to perform our plots, we’ve seen countless eager participants take up the roles of Eugene Beluga, Kylie Wham-Bangles, Captain Coppernob, La Môme Fromage, Boo-Boo Cassidy, Charlie Gunson and many more, with ultimate style and unquestionable gusto. Every hen do, birthday, work night out and team building day we’ve hosted has been a joy, and every time ended with one of the participants saying to us, “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. It’s been a fantastic night.”

What’s next for Manchester Murder Mysteries you ask? We’re breaking out of Manchester for a start! You’ll soon be able to book your next party with us in Liverpool, Blackpool and Leeds. You’ll also be able to buy one of our play at home murder mystery games (it’ll be way better than the one we bought which triggered all this chaos) so keep an eye out for that.

And finally, we asked each other how we felt after four years of writing and hosting fictitious murders.

Emma, Manchester Murder Mysteries

Emma – “I’m delighted that we’ve developed an experience that people enjoy and value. Our team are trusted to arrange and host parties that celebrate some of the most special moments of peoples’ lives. The comments I receive from clients praising us for our customer care and attention to detail constantly inspire me. But I must admit, despite all this, my favourite part of the job is writing hilarious scripts which our guests then have to read out loud. It makes me live!”

Hazel – “When I look back on where we started four years ago, it’s remarkable what we’ve achieved with Manchester Murder Mysteries. It’s been a pleasure to see our ideas and skills take shape into a successful business, and a privilege to be a part of people’s special occasions. While we’ve become capable businesswomen (and juggle busy family lives) we still spend ample time crying with laughter at our own jokes.”

Thanks to all our customers for making the idea of a dream job possible. To those of you who haven’t experienced Manchester Murder Mysteries yet, don’t wait until your time is up. Muwahahaha… ahem.

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