How to arrange an office Christmas party your team won’t hate

wine tasting murder mysteryYour fail-safe plan for making sure you still have office friends in 2018.




The office Christmas party means different things to different people. To some it’s a time to wear a sparkly outfit and run around with a fistful of mistletoe. To others it’s time to eat and drink as much as possible then leg it to the pub to see your ‘real friends’.

For the person who volunteered to organise the party it’s a time for endless questions, phone calls and night-sweats as they try to conjure up an office Christmas party that will make everyone happy.

We’ve put together a list of key things to get right when organising the perfect office Christmas party. They’re the kind of things Manchester Murder Mysteries take seriously when arranging parties at Christmas and all year round.


A good theme can turn a rudderless ship into a million dollar yacht heading for St. Tropez! Our murder mystery themes include The Great British Gatsby, 1920s Gin & Sin, 1950s Prom, Clue Done It, Downturn Abbey and many more. Why not survey your team to see what would be most popular then make your choice.


Give everyone a reason to keep chatting and having fun with a little team bonding game. Murder mysteries are perfect for uniting colleagues with an engaging and hilarious activity that will break down barriers and keep the conversation flowing.


Gin and Sin 1920s

You’re going to be spending a few hours in one place, so consider the theme, service quality and menu at your venue. These are the first three things we check before trusting a venue with one of our private parties. We wouldn’t bring any of guests to a venue we wouldn’t want to spend time in ourselves.


Not only does the venue have to be impressive, but it also needs to be in the right location for access to bars, nightclubs, taxis and takeaways. All of our event venues are centrally located so when you’ve had your fill of detective work you have plenty of places nearby to continue the party.


Avoid inflated seasonal prices and outlandish minimum spends by joining one of our fully organised murder mystery parties. Our big Christmas event, ‘The Great British Gatsby’ takes place on Friday 1st December at the Cosy Club, overlooking the Manchester Christmas markets and ideally located next to the Printworks. Tickets cost just £49.95.

Why not save yourself the anguish and let us take care of your Christmas party for 2017?

Click here for tickets to our ‘Great British Gatsby’ party at the Cosy Club.

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