Xmas Party: 5 reasons why you should choose Murder at the Masked Ball

Don’t panic! We’ve got the Christmas party for 2016 all wrapped up for you. And it’s something a bit different.

Is it your turn to organise the work Christmas party this year? Are your friends and family turning to you for something more than tinsel and turkey this year? Then look no further.

Here are 5 reasons why ‘Murder at the Masked Ball’ is the best choice for your Christmas party.

1) It’s your whole night out, rolled into one

I don’t know about you, but traipsing around town after a three course dinner trying to find the pub with the last free table isn’t my idea of fun. That’s why we’ve bundled all you need for your Christmas party night into one event at one venue.

Every ‘Murder at the Masked Ball’ murder mystery includes:

  • A Prosecco reception
  • A festive three course dinner
  • An interactive murder mystery
  • Live music
  • A DJ afterparty

That means after the meal and murder mystery have wrapped up, you can continue to drink and dance right where you are. And at only £54.95 per person, this is a great value night out.

2) We do all the hard work for you

As everyone who has organised a Christmas do will understand, it can be hell on earth! Ian from Accounts is allergic to gluten, Auntie Jean never reads her emails and Mark from No. 34 just hates Christmas, full stop!

From the moment you book your ‘Murder at the Masked Ball’ tickets, you can place that headache into our safe hands. We’ll send out all the event details, meaning you can simply turn up on the night and prepare to get merry!

We’re here for you and your guests from the first email to the point when we hand over the prize for solving the crime (if you’re lucky). We promise you’ll have a night to remember.

3) It’s something different, but not scary

The Christmas party normally means a three course dinner, booze, and then you pull a few crackers (again, if you’re lucky). This is all well and good, but isn’t this what you’ve done every Christmas for the past five years? It’s time to mix things up a little bit.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need actors to have a great murder mystery night. So we don’t use actors. It’s actually you, your colleagues, family and friends who play the roles. Each guest is given a small role to play on the night. Don’t panic! We’re not talking Oscar winning performances; it’s just a great and fun way to get everyone involved in the plot. There’s no pressure to ‘perform’; just relax, have a laugh and enjoy yourselves.

Fancy dress is optional but encouraged. Feel free to go all out for glam, or simply cut a DIY masquerade mask from a cereal box. We’re happy if you’re happy.

4) Murder is festive

Yes is it. And here are five situations to prove that we all have homicidal thoughts about people we know and love during this season of peace on earth and good will to all mankind:

  1. Your auntie asks you for the hundredth time, ‘So love, are you courting yet?’
  2. Wool makes you itch, but your mum says that if you don’t wear the Xmas jumper your grandma knitted, then you’ll ruin Christmas!
  3. Derek from IT has been on the sherry. He leaps in front of you brandishing a sprig of mistletoe and promptly pukes on your shoes.
  4. Your dad insists on making you miss Miracle on 34th Street so he can watch Die Hard – it’s not a Christmas film!
  5. Your friend re-gifts you what you gave her last year. You’re never going to see the back of that hair crimper!

5) It’s our first tour and we’re coming to your city!

Having enjoyed several successful years of delivering Christmas party capers in Manchester, for 2016 we’re spreading our wings and bringing some murder and merriment to two cities in the North West of England.

‘Murder at the Masked Ball’ will take place in Manchester (9th and 16th December) and Preston (3rd December).

So if you’ve never tried one of our interactive and hilarious murder mysteries before, here’s your chance.

Want to know more? Watch our little video below for a taste of what our Christmas parties provide.

Or if you have any questions about our events, fee free to drop us an email at and we’ll give you all the help you need.

Otherwise…what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets to the best Christmas party in town by clicking here.